NEOVATICAN GALLERY: Modernism, Unmentionable Vices and Corruption in the Time of Bergoglio (Marco Tosatti, foreword by Mgr. C. M. Viganò, intro by M. Hickson) is now available on Amazon!

We are pleased to offer below the Publisher’s Note written by Piergiorgio Seveso, President of Edizioni Radio Spada:

If the Edizioni Radio Spada was a person signing a document, we would use two words to express who we are and the foundation of our dignity: courage and realism.

It takes courage to face, with neither frills nor sophisms, the terrible and incapacitating crisis the social structure of the Church is going through. This is not simply a difficult time, a time of decline as has often occurred in history, but something uniquely subversive. The content of salvation is emptied, the apostolate impaired, due to heretic and impious doctrines, to both weak and wicked practices.

It is a crisis made by men. Ultimately it is a crisis of Faith that stems from the rebirth of modernism, which Roncalli and Montini enthroned under St Peter’s baldacchino. These two men, who are the “Castor and Pollux” of the subversion have made Catholicism and the Church militant undergo the worst catastrophe of all times. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is their faithful disciple, their echo: nothing more, nothing less.

But it takes realism as well: first, to remain practical, bearing in mind our limitations in what we are able to do (which is never enough); secondly to see how “residual” Catholicism is frail and divided: a peripheral archipelago that tries to keep its identity, instead of embracing Revolution.

Just like a defeated army, among our rank there is confusion, despair, delusion, psychosis and stereotypical attitudes, besides – of course – the virtue, prayer and reparation lived by so many good souls who chose silence over hustle and bustle.

Can a simple publisher, even if fully Catholic, carry out the public “good fight” amid this world? Can it change the course of events, ultimately can it initiate the counter-revolution? Can it become the leader of an insurgency – without making it laughable and neglected?

Frankly and incontrovertibly, we answer: no, it cannot, it should not, and, rebus sic stantibus, it will not. What we aim at is education and piety, a well-built and rich Catholic culture that is far from Vatican II, and a chronicle of these pernicious times. We inexhaustibly collect material to write Church history with which, someday in the future, Church history will be written – hence the purpose of this book, written by the industrious Marco Tosatti and featuring Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s foreword.

With courage and realism, we accept the responsibility of publishing this work: non recusamus laborem, we do not draw back in the face of indecent, repulsive subjects. Even these can give a new perspective to our readers from which to observe the longtime doctrinal crisis.

Let us say a few more words on this point. We are not choosing to live “looking through the keyhole”; we do not crave scandals; nor does proclaiming heresy necessarily imply some kind of moral disorder. Some people spread heterodoxy without showing any sinful behavior, whiole others enshrine the Catholic faith bearing more than one flaw.

But let us record the link between triumphant neomodernism, on the one hand, and on the other hand some specific kind of perversion which cannot, by its very nature, remain unrelated to the Church’s government and hierarchy – meaning decisions, appointments, and statements. We do not want to go deeply on every particular case, even those enumerated in this book. We cannot, we refuse to: these episodes are way too disturbing. We therefore rely on our Marco Tosatti’s trustworthy work.

We want to further explain: this book is not a judicial news collection, nor a guessing game by the confessional door. Mercy and justice do not allow us to judge anyone’s internal forum, nor we can fail to give others the benefit of the doubt, or state anything out of the “beyond any reasonable doubt” standard. Human courts are still human. Dossiers and investigations have been followed by controversy, defenses, counterattacks, clarifications, so that everyone has the right – and the duty – to deepen the topic.

But this is not the point – we must not look at one single tile, but at the mosaic as a whole: the big picture, the overall sense.

As the saying goes, de minimis non curat praetor – the law does not concern itself with trifles. Today’s Catholic hierarchy has forgotten God’s rights and worships anthropocentrism and relativism. Compared to that, everything else seems just small and minor, albeit shameful.

We warmly thank Marco Tosatti, Maike Hickson and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, entering the big Radio Spada family – and you, dear fellow readers, enjoy!

Piergiorgio Seveso,

President of Ed. Radio Spada